Bio Scan

Overall health check up in minutes

What is bioscan

Bio scan is a powerful scan to check up your whole body with small electrical current through probes

Brain scanning part

  • Left Frontal ( blue ) Memory section show low blood flow
  • Right frontal ( blue ) Calculation section show normal signal
  • Left temporal ( red ) Managing section show hyper signal
  • Rigth temporal ( purple ) Self regulation section show slightly decrease function
  • Amygdala ( small balls ) Mood adjustment section show normal signal

How it work

Bioscan machine will send small amount of current through your body and record the pattern of signal after it pass trough each organs

What is the benefit of doing bioscan

Instead of check your blood test for everything We can specific for each organ that has abnormal result and general check for the whole body

Where are we?

Bioscan is one unit of Pratamnak hill medical cente